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Howard Alan Levin

a.k.a. Hal

Entrepreneur, professional spiritual healer and author


A History of Elephants
Told by Elephants

Hope in the Face of Adversity


A History of Elephants Told by Elephants is the first in a series of educational and entertaining 32 page illustrated children’s books for ages seven and up. The elephants tell their story about their evolution, how they live in the wild, their present day endangered situation and what we can do to help elephants.

This book collection includes: whales and dolphins, horses, cats and dogs telling their stories.


Women's Quotations For Successful Living

Women’s Quotations for Successful Living is a gift of pure inspiration. Bringing together the wisdom, humor and love of over six hundred women, this compilation will guide, uplift and then spur you to your greatest potential. Exalt in the messages of success, answer the call to greatness, the entreaty for passionate lives. The dedication, hard work and perseverance of these extraordinary women will drive you to accept nothing less than your best possible existence.


Quotations For Successful Living

“Quotations for Successful Living, it’s the greatest!” – Muhammad Ali

This book is a compilation of over 900 positive thoughts on life from artists, composers, doctors, athletes, entertainers – people from all walks of life. From Confucius, Aesop, Thoreau and Gandhi to Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey, verbal gems fill the pages of this pocket-sized volume.


A History Of Horses Told By Horses

After communing with a mare named Bess, Hal delivers a chronicle of historic links between horses and humans, in which horses express their thoughts on the impact that humans have on the Earth and state their mission.


Letters To An Angel

This book carries a message about caring, friendship and understanding the meaning of love. Hal began to actively seek out the angel in others, as well as in himself. Now, whenever he encounters an angel in another, he smiles, enjoys the moment and tries to learn the important lessons that love teaches. This book is a way of sharing the positive energy that loving stirs within.